MadMad is thrilled to be teaming up with Meat Free Mondays for a series of three vegetarian banquets! MadMad is inviting Guest Chefs to work in our kitchen and help us create some genuinely amazing feasts — and we’re hoping you’ll come along to do the eating! First up on 17 August: Thomas Aaby Berdal of ‘I Will Cook for Food’

WHY are we doing this?

Scientific estimates indicate that the livestock industry accounts for a minimum of 14% and a maximum of 50% of global carbon dioxide emissions. No matter who is right or how it is measured…suffice it to say it’s a lot. Meat Free Monday campaigns to get us all to just give up meat one day a week because it will have a huge impact on our health, and that of the planet we live on, if we do.

Chef Thomas’s Menu:

  • Krydret, kold urtesuppe med mousserende vin/Cold herb soup with sparkling white wine
  • Kartoffelchips med spirer og høaskecreme/Potato crisps with sprouts and a cream of hay ashes
  • Svampekrebinet paneret i boghvede med esdragonsauce og råsyltet grønt/Mushroom patty breaded with buckwheat and served with tarragon sauce and pickled seasonal veggies
  • Granité af syltede bær og nøddegrus/Granite of berries

WHAT else to expect at the event:

  • Miriam Sommer‘s 101 on the joy of sprouts and how to grow them at home
  • Music by singer Teresa Bangsgaard and her folk/rock/country stylings
  • All for 275 kr!